Alia Bhatt reveals how Raha Kapoor has changed her personality in a big way

Alia Bhatt reveals how motherhood has changed her as a person. Welcoming Raha Kapoor with Ranbir Kapoor has brought this significant change in Alia’s life.

Alia Bhatt reflects on the transformative impact of motherhood after welcoming daughter Raha Kapoor with Ranbir Kapoor. The actress, known for setting family goals with the adorable duo, acknowledges her privileged background, refraining from offering universal parenting advice. Balancing career and motherhood remains a challenge for Alia and Ranbir, who collaboratively decide on Raha’s care. Alia candidly admits to the constant worry that parenthood brings, expressing comfort in doing her best. Despite the challenges, Alia embraces the changes and wishes all women a happy Women’s Day, sharing a heartfelt gift from her daughter on social media.

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