The Bigg Boss OTT participant launched a social media tirade against the actress when Chahatt Khanna disparaged Urfi, alias Urfi Javed, for having shoddy fashion sense.


OTT Bigg Boss fame Because of her sense of style, Urfi Javed, who is now known as Uorfi Javed, frequently makes headlines. The woman draws everyone’s attention by making her own clothing out of ropes, rucksacks, and whatnot. She even occasionally receives teasing for her eccentric sense of style. Chahatt Khanna recently criticised Urfi Javed’s sense of style and referred to it as “cheap.” Instead of passively watching, Uorfi chose to criticise Chahhat Khanna.

Urfi Javed lashes out at Chahhat Khanna

Chahatt Khanna was referred to as a bully by Urfi Javed in a social media post he shared. She said that nobody should care what she wears or where she goes. She even referred to Chahatt as a hypocrite because she had previously promoted Raneer Singh’s naked photo shoot. She penned, “At least I don’t purchase fans! Additionally, if you would do your homework, you would know that I was there for an interview and that it has nothing to do with you; you are merely envious that, despite paying the paps, they are not covering you. Chahattkhanna Why didn’t you submit this news for Ranveer Singh? Additionally, whatever someone does on this planet is none of your business. demonstrates your hypocrisy. Why judge me when I didn’t judge you for having two divorces and dating younger men?”

The story didn’t finish here. After that, Urfi Javed continued by mentioning Chahatt Khanna’s two unsuccessful marriages and how she currently relies on her ex-alimony. husband’s “At least I earn my own money, not live off of the alimony paid by my two ex-husbands,” she added. Khanna Chahatt I’m not here to judge how you live your life. I don’t know why these aunts are against me.

Chahatt Khanna responds to Uorfi Javed’s rant

Chahatt Khanna responded to Uorfi in a recent Instagram Stories post by branding her “classless.” It appears that this war will last a very long time.


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