Thor Love And Thunder Trailer Review: The first trailer of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ released, the villain will remember ‘Harry Potter’

Thor Love And Thunder Trailer Review:

The trailer of the Marvel Comic Universe’s (MCU) most awaited film Thor Love and Thunder is out and with it the return of Thor’s old love Jane Foster, Jane Foster is back with Thor’s old original Mjollnir Has returned, but this time Thor is going to face the most dangerous villain and here too the magic of the multiverse is going to be seen. After watching the trailer of Thor Love and Thunder, many questions arise and we will try to find answers to those questions.

Thor Love And Thunder Trailer Review: Watch Trailer Here

After watching the trailer of Thor Love And Thunder, many questions arise, such as where Thor’s first love Jane Foster for so long, how did Jane Foster find Thor’s hammer, Mjollnir, because in Thor: Ragnarok, Thor’s sister Hela had broken him.

What is the story of Thor’s Love And Thunder?

Story Of Thor Love And Thunder: After Thor saved the Earth from Thanos, he sat down with the Guardians of the Galaxy and left for the next journey, after that what was going on in the Earth, Thor had no meaning. Thor now wanted to spend the rest of his life happily elsewhere and set out for a new journey. He made a good body-shoddy and started fighting evil demons by going to different worlds, but even after doing this work he got bored only then his line life in Thor’s life means Jane Foster’s vassal. Thor, who had not appeared anywhere after The Dark World, told the Avengers that he had broken up. Jane Foster comes back with the same hammer that Thor’s sister Hela shattered in Thor: Ragnarok. Even after 8 years had passed, Thor used to remember his sweetheart every day.

Thor Love And Thunder Trailer Review: Who is the villain

Christian Bale is playing the role of Villain in Thor Love And Thunder, this is the same Christian Bale whose whole world is crazy, Christian Bale’s role is very dangerous. He is a demon who hates the gods. And he thinks that there are all the gods who are self-respecting and this is also true. But Thor is not such a god, he helps others. In the movie, Christian Bale’s name is Gorr the God Butcher which means butcher of the gods, he has come out of the whole Kaynath to annihilate the gods. And he encounters Thor.

Will Thor go to the multiverse as well

Looking at the trailer, it seems that either Thor is about to get caught in the multiverse or he has crossed the lime line or he has gone to the past. Because in this film, Thor also goes to his father Odin, who does not recognize him because then Odin is a young and idle god. Only this is told in the trailer.

Thor Love And Thunder Trailer Explained

The trailer for Thor is quite spectacular, the characters of Guardian of the Galaxy are also going to be seen in it. But the trailer of Thor 4 comes with many questions, the answer to which will be clear only after watching the film.

Thor Love And Thunder Release Date:

The fourth part of Thor i.e. Love and Thunder will be released in theaters worldwide on July 7 in languages ​​like Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.

Thor Love And Thunder Budget

The budget of the film is so huge that if all the films made in Bollywood and their collections are also added, then the budget of Thor Love and Thunder will be more, the budget of Thor Love and Thunder is said to be $ 185 million, which is in rupees. The pair is approximately INR 14,339,757,000.00

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