Rajiv adatia has seen ghost in big boss 15

The tales of paranormal activity in the Bigg Boss house have been narrated by the contestants of the last several seasons. Many such stories have come to the fore, on hearing which people got goosebumps. Contestant Rajiv Adatia, who came out of Bigg Boss 15, also felt something similar inside the house. In his recent interview, he has revealed that he has seen ghosts twice inside the Bigg Boss house. Not only Rajiv but many other contestants have also seen this girl. Rajiv has given words to his experience in such a way that anyone will be scared after reading his every word.

Rajiv Adatia has seen ghost twice

In an interview given to Times of India, Rajiv Adatia has shared his experience. He says,

‘I have seen ghosts twice inside the Bigg Boss 15 house. I was very scared when I saw him. I even refused to sleep inside the house. Umar Riaz, me, Prateek Sahajpal and Nishant Bhatt were inside and all of a sudden Nishant and I stood up as we saw a little girl inside. We were very scared and started thinking that where did this girl come from? She passed by us..I am not joking. There is a ghost inside the house. I’ve seen it twice and it’s already in the live feed. We all had goosebumps at that time. We were very scared after that incident. I used to see the shadow every day but this time we all saw the little girl.’

Here are some glimpse of Rajiv Adatia in Big Boss 15 house –


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