Anjali Arora MMS: That MMS of Karamjali is of Hollywood level’, Ajma Fallah made a dirty target on Anjali Arora

Anjali Arora MMS: Taking a dig at the alleged MMS video of social media sensation Anjali Arora, Ajma Fallah, who appeared in ‘Lock Up’, mocked the video and said that social media sensation Anjali Arora, who was seen in ‘Lock Up’ at this time, is everywhere. There is discussion, due to which the leaked MMS video. Many fans on the internet believe that the girl seen in this video is Anjali Arora, while the ‘Lock Up’ contestant herself has said that she is not in it but someone has done mischief by tampering with her face in the video. Anjali has also presented her side in a recent interview and told what her family is facing due to this MMS.

Now on the other hand, a video of Ajma Fallah was also making a lot of headlines, who also played a lot of enmity with Anjali in ‘Lock Up’. Often the fights between the two used to make a place in the headlines during the show ‘Lock Up’ and now something similar seems to be happening even after the show. Ajma Fallah has made some comments about the alleged MMS about which Anjali Arora is currently in discussion and called it a Hollywood collision. Although, he did not name Anjali in this video, but people believe that he has said these things only for Anjali.

Anjali said these things on MMS

Anjali Arora’s alleged MMS video is currently in the headlines, about which she has also clarified in the interview that she is not in this MMS. He said that nowadays people do anything to get views on YouTube and social media and this MMS is also a prank of someone like that. Well, while on one hand Anjali Arora is busy telling her truth to the world against this MMS video clip, on the other hand Ajma Fallah with ‘Lock Up’ is seen sharing the video and talking about the MMS clip. In the video, Ajma is saying these things by saying ‘viral video of Karamjali’.

Ajma Fallah said- ‘Have you seen the viral video of Karamjali?

Sharing this video, Azma Fallah wrote in the caption, ‘Viral Video of Karamjali’ and said, ‘Hello Hollywood fans, you must have seen the viral videos of Karamjali. I could not stay and felt that I should share some Karamjali’s deeds with you guys.

Garments were thrown on the roof in the lockup, they themselves have been found without garments. I would like to know from you that how did you guys feel, did not think that Karma has hit him?’

Anjali Arora MMS : ‘It was Hollywood level but the quality of the video was very bad’

She is further saying, ‘Although the video was quite good, it was of Hollywood level, but the quality of the video was very bad. She makes videos by showing almonds by dancing and dancing Karamjali on the reel.

This time his almonds were not seen in HD, I am sorry for this and the one who has done such a big Karam scandal of Karamjali, salute to Ajma Fallah. Wow what have you done.’ Saying this she says bye and then says that the goat is saved, thank God. Otherwise, this Karamjali is sitting after doing big deeds, that Ajma Fallah came to know and I am very happy that my goat has survived.

Pointing towards Munawwar Farooqui by saying goat

Let us tell that Ajma Fallah has pointed towards Munawwar Farooqui by saying goat. Munavvar and Ajma had a lot of camaraderie in the show. However, on this video of Ajma, along with her friends, social media users are also lashing out and showing their anger over such comments against a woman.

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